Key Features of the Voltage Infinity Pro - Everything You Need To Know

Powerfull chipset by Vibe Gears
The powerful chipset on the Voltage Infinity Pro™ is something that is noteworthy on the device and improves its usage at all levels. The chipset and the battery act as a powerful combination and improve the mechanism of the gear. Both of these units are highly useful and help in improving the power of the gear and give it a long time. We have used the best quality materials from manufacturers who are known in the industry for such equipment.

This powerful machine gun does the work of the professional trainers or therapists and ensures rapid muscle relief within the comfort of your home. It makes you independent as you can carry out the massage on your own, right when you face muscle stiffness or soreness. We have made the device handy so that it can be used on the go without anyone’s help.


Powerfull chipset by Vibe Gears - Key Features of the Voltage Infinity Pro - Everything You Need To Know

The device runs for long hours which means that you can use it for multiple sessions in a day. It might be possible with other devices, but with Voltage Infinite Pro™ is all that you need to give yourself the comfort of a massage.

The chipset, in particular, ensures that the overall performance of the device is maintained throughout the usage and it does not falter even after you use it for several sessions. In addition to that, you will be surprised by the mechanism of the massage gun as it is lightweight, but still, it has a powerful impact on relieving the muscle pain in your body. If you have a continuous problem of muscle tension and cannot go for rounds of therapy, then this massage gun is the perfect solution for all your needs. You will have never felt so relaxed at home after using the device, and we are not exaggerating. We have tried and tested this device several times over several hours and hundreds of people. Only after so much experimentation, we have made the device next to perfection and useful for all kinds of people with muscle pain.

So, if you want a quick solution at home that would improve the blood circulation in your body quickly, then Voltage Infinity Pro™ is definitely your go-to option. Try it once, and you will know it for yourself!

Featuring Pressure Sensor™ technology
Can you imagine a massaging device providing the same capabilities as that of a manual massager? Well, this is no more impossible with the Voltage Infinity Pro™. The device has the most advanced pressure sensor technology, where you can make the desired adjustments according to your personal use. The 20-speed settings on the device are provided to increase or decrease the pressure on the muscles according to the users’ convenience. The device is made for ease of use so that it can be used even by someone who might not be acquainted with the latest technology devices. It is powerful and reliable.


Featuring Pressure Sensor™ technology by Vibe Gears - Key Features of the Voltage Infinity Pro - Everything You Need To Know

Voltage Infinity Pro™ was made by keeping the requirement of the people in mind. It is suitable for people of all age groups and comes with a sensor mechanism that can predict the amount of pressure that should be applied for muscle relaxation. The advanced technology makes it the innovation of the hour as it senses the muscle stiffness, as you get it in touch with your body parts which quickly responds, with the pressure adjustment message after, which you can use it according to your personal convenience.

The LCD screen on the device is highly responsive and can be operated with the touch mechanism, making it a super smooth process.
Pressure adjustment is one of the key aspects of massage therapy, and this device has everything to offer you that you will get to a therapy centre. You can circulate it throughout the body in rounds and see the effect within a few minutes. There is no need for ointment while using the device as it can do the work without it. We assure you that you will see immediate results after using this device and will forget taking rounds of the therapy centre. This device provides you with the much-needed relaxation in the comfort home, and you should definitely use it to see the results.

Intelligent Responsiveness
A device that is powerful and responses intelligently are hard to find. But the new Voltage Infinity Pro™ is the powerful combination of both these qualities and provides the users with ease of use. This device is highly convenient in the sense that it is portable and comes with multiple settings which can be adjusted according to the preference of the use. Even if you are someone who is not into gadgets. We have carefully worked on the design of this device and have tried to make it as convenient as possible to ensure that it can be used by people from all age groups and walks of life.

The sensor technology of the device senses the soreness or stiffness of the muscle and provides you with an adjustment message that will be suitable for use. You can even make the adjustments manually according to your choice and ensure that you get maximum relaxation with regular circulations. The device also shows multiple messages on the LCD screen to inform you regarding the settings and what you need to do next. We have also provided a manual along with the device so that it gets easy for you to understand its mechanism and usage without any hassle. Another important quality of this device is that it is portable and can be taken anywhere, which makes it a convenient device suitable for use wherever you go. You do not need the help of a therapist if you are carrying this device with you as it will act as your personal assistant.


Highly Responsive LCD Screen by Vibe Gears - Key Features of the Voltage Infinity Pro - Everything You Need To Know

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