Five Tips To Reduce Your Muscle Recovery Time

All athletes and fitness gurus have been there before: your muscles are sore, and you feel like you can barely move. The workout on the previous day was incredible, but the ensuing discomfort the following day can be challenging to handle. The sight of stairs is enough to make you cringe!

Through all that pain, you gain muscle mass. As you work out, your muscles become damaged. During the following days, they rebuild and grow, giving you more strength than you had before your intense workout. Your gains in muscle strength aren't happening in the gym, but rather outside of it when you're resting. Do enough of this workout, feel sore, workout routine, and you will have the body you've always wanted, building your strength and power along the way.

To maximize your ability to improve your fitness, you'll want to minimize your downtime. The quicker you can get back to your physical activity, the more opportunity you have to improve your skills and physique. Here are five techniques to reduce muscle recovery time.

Lower Muscle Recovery Time With A Massage Gun
Massage guns are fantastic products that enable you to feel better faster and reduce your pain. There are three main ways in which a massage gun helps lower muscle recovery time.

First, it helps by clearing lactic acid. As most people who exercise know, lactic acid is the substance that causes your muscles to feel sore. It's not bad for your body. It's a byproduct of your muscles burning carbs at a fast rate. The acid breaks down into lactate (which is positive for your body) and hydrogen ions. Hydrogen is acidic, and those ions cause the burning sensation inside your muscles. If you want to help your muscles recover fast, you need to clear the lactic acid from them so that they do not continually become damaged from the hydrogen breakdown.

Second, a massage gun increases blood flow, which allows the muscles to heal faster. More blood means more nourishment for rebuilding damaged fibers. In turn, your muscles repair quicker, allowing you to get back to exercising.

Third, massage guns break up scar tissue allowing muscles to heal faster. Scar tissue can have devastating effects on people of all fitness levels. Even worse is that the scar tissue pain is sometimes not immediate. Often, it can come years later. If you're training, working out, or a professional athlete, using a massage gun to avoid scar tissue buildup is essential to your longevity!

Rehydrate Quickly
You likely sweat a lot during exercise, thereby causing you to lose quite a bit of water. Hydration is critical to muscle function, and persons who are dehydrated show signs of muscle cramps. Some cramping is due to water loss. However, these cramps will increase with intense heat as well (your body will get hotter if it has less fluid to sweat out to keep your temperature cooler).

Keep hydrated and stay in cooler temperatures after a workout. Don't let dehydration keep your muscles cramped and sore!

Consume Protein
Many bodybuilders know the value of consuming protein before a workout. It helps their muscles become more significant. In reality, anyone who wants to reduce their muscle recovery time can benefit from pre-workout and post-workout protein.

If you consume protein after a workout, that helps your body produce amino acids. These acids are critical for muscle repair. Amino acids aid with tissue growth, including skin, blood vessels, and muscles. Without enough protein, your muscles don't have the nutrients they need to repair themselves effectively. They must wait until you consume enough food with these amino acids, which can take hours or days, depending on what you eat.

A protein boost gives your body the amino acids it needs to repair its muscles quickly and efficiently.

Try Active Recovery
If you have incredibly achy muscles, it's tempting to flop on the sofa and wait for them to feel better. While rest, including sleep, is a way to recover from an intense workout, it's not always the best way. Some research suggests that active recovery is a better way to reduce muscle fatigue. Of course, the term "active" doesn't mean doing another intense workout. A light walk, yoga, or a leisurely bike ride are ways you can actively recover. Research has shown that these have better outcomes than doing nothing.

Massage counts as active recovery, and one study showed that it was the most effective method of reducing "delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)." A massage gun gives you the most effective active recovery method with a soothing percussive vibration that feels great. At least according to one study, scientifically, it's one of the best ways to reduce your muscle recovery time.

Do A Pre-Workout Stretch
Stretching before working out is critical for your muscles to be "primed" for the physical exertion that they are about to endure. It keeps them flexible, loose, and healthy. Stretching during your off-days (this can be a form of active recovery) helps keep your muscles ready and also prevents cramping.

Performing stretches also has other added benefits, including preventing joint injury, which can happen when muscles are too weak or tight to support your joints properly. Stretch to ensure your muscles can function correctly both during your workout and after it!

Reduce Your Muscle Recovery Time
Reducing your muscle recovery time has many benefits. Chief amongst them is that it just feels better. Nobody, whether you're an amateur runner or a professional athlete, likes to feel sore and in discomfort. By not having your muscles take as long to recover, you can avoid that pain.

A massage gun helps significantly with reducing your post-workout recovery periods. It helps with active recovery and clears out lactic acid, scar tissue, and also increases blood flow. At Vibe Gears, we sell three different massage guns: Voltage Infinity Pro™ Silver, Voltage Infinity Pro™ Black, and Voltage Infinity Pro™: Limited Edition. If you are interested in reducing your recovery time, check out our massage guns today, and see how you can get back to training and doing your workouts faster than before!

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