About Us

Vibe Gears is a Global Market Leader in Percussive Massage Therapy.

Vibe Gears is the founder of The official Voltage Infinity Pro™ and VoltageX Limitless™. The biggest trend in gyms and the fitness industry. Here at Vibe Gears we guarantee you world class quality. We provide the best and latest Therapy Massage Gun on the market!

The gym is our life, day in day out. Being sore and feeling stiff comes with the lifestyle, but we wanted to decrease that as much as possible. With that the idea fast recovery was born.

We created Voltage Infinity Pro™ and VoltageX Limitless™ featuring our patented Pressure Sensor™ technology.

This machine is the best massage gun on the market, aid recovery, decrease soreness and increase range of motion. The Voltage Infinity Pro™ is used and loved by many of our clients who are cross fitters, and even NBA athletes are using the Voltage Infinity Pro™.

Rather than kneading your muscles with just simple vibrations, the Voltage Infinity Pro™ features powerful deep massage therapy. A form of deep soft tissue manipulation. The Voltage Infinity Pro™ is used as an alternative to the foam roller as a self-release tool.

The Voltage Infinity Pro™ benefits include everything from pain release to enhanced recovery, decreased soreness, increases blood circulation and range of motion. You can use it pre-workout to warm up and post-workout to decrease tightness.


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